Application for 2015/16 training programs

Applications for 2015/16 training trips will begin to be accepted on 3 November 2013 (9 am to 5pm).  For details, please see the session on applications.

Community Chest Agency visit on Jockey Club Haun

Community Chest Agency Members visit " Jockey Club Huan" with our Board Members. The photos taken on that day were shared with you again here  CC Photo


 Supporting Adventure-Ship

To thank our donators, we would give a set of souvenirs (including the souvenir book ¡§Dream on! with love, Huan¡¨ and ¡§Happy Sailing : The Unforgettable Voyage of the Huan¡¨ DVD) to any person donating HK$200 or more to support our services. Please press here to download the donation form.


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